Young, old, big, small – all are welcomed at Mama’s!

When we were asked to create custom tees for Mama Shelter, we could hardly contain our excitement. The funky-cool Hollywood hotel perfectly captures the energy of our favorite city, and we couldn’t wait to add a little Sundry to the mix. In designing the tees, we wanted to represent all the things that make Mama Shelter unique, and we're thrilled with the end result. Read on to see more Sundry for Mama Shelter.

At Mama Shelter, you’ll never go hungry. The boutique hotel’s restaurant is open for all meals (and all are delicious).


We couldn’t help but add a little funk to the assortment.


And most importantly, never forget that Mama loves you.


Visit Mama Shelter anytime: 6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Or, book a room for your next getaway: