Sundry Does Sayulita


There’s a place in Mexico that is relatively close to us here in LA, yet it feels like a world away. One three-hour flight from LAX and a short drive from Puerto Vallarta, and you arrive in one of our favorite tropical villages. Sayulita is also home to our dear friend and lovely Brand Ambassador, Paola Lopez.


Sayulita is on Mainland Mexico, on the West Coast, and has a year round warm to hot climate. It’s generally lush with jungles and beautiful warm water beaches, ideal for exploring or getting some wave time. The village of Sayulita is totally walk-able and full of great restaurants and boutiques with unique wares to take home with you. 

The Sayulitans show their personality on their streets with pop and saturated colors in unexpected combinations. Sunlit brightness and diversity is the canvas of the coastal village. Many personalities of the village live the same as their colors – happy and welcoming, enjoying their lives and the place they call home.

We have a particular fondness of Sayulita. It’s a home to some great friends of Matthieu Leblan (founder of Sundry) and Joanne, his girlfriend. Matt has been escaping to Sayulita for over 12 years now. Ian and Kerry Hodge met him that first trip, long ago. They run the website, and post news about the town along with the most up-to-date lodging rentals (and there are incredible ones there) and restaurant reviews. You’ll see a lot of cars with the stickers on them, - it’s almost the statement logo of village locals.

Our getaway was inspirational and relaxing. Sayulita opens your eyes to color, and makes you consider how else life might be enjoyed. Gracias, Sayulita. We always love being inside your welcoming streets and on your beaches. 

And a special thank you to our beautiful model and new friend, Emera Zednai!

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