Meet Eva Black

#AMBASSADORSHanna Lieberman

Eva is a super talented graphic designer and artist who writes and paints beautifully in different mediums. Her whimsical sayings, watercolor art, and painted/collaged pieces take you somewhere else (mainly near the ocean, it seems to us!). She lives in Seal Beach, in Southern California. Eva works from her design studio Eva Black Design, and is also a new mom, which we can only admire.

We asked Eva a few questions about herself:

Vacations (something we at Sundry think about a lot):

Favorite escape? Aloha Kauai! It’s my favorite island, so lush, beautiful and remote. The perfect vacation. 

Somewhere new you want to visit? The Amalfi Coast.

What do you pack for an escape? Swimsuit, sunscreen, camera and an underwater camera housing. 

Favorite vacation activities? Relax on the beach and leave a little time for exploring!

Your best vacation companions? I love traveling with my husband and our little babe. We brought her to Hawaii when she was just 3 months old!

What's your history? Where have you lived? Grew up in the Midwest and have lived around Southern California for 8 years. 


Everyday Life

Daily style? Jeans and a tee.

Going out activity? Drinks with my husband Ryan.

Favorite restaurants? Anything local or organic.  

What music makes you hum and sway? Ben Howard, The National, Beach House. 

What are your dreams? To continually challenge myself creatively. 

What would you like to achieve? A healthy balance in my life between being a wife, mom and artist.

Why Sundry? Beach, sun and sand! The perfect relaxed style.  

Check out more of Eva’s work at
Instagram: evablack_