Meet Ceara McAuliffe

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Born and raised in Venice, Ceara McAuliffe is part of the beautiful community here. She recounts some stories of the neighborhood before it was known as cool as it is now. It's funny to hear about places that are no longer here, and some things that are still the same. Ceara is an actress, model and works part time at Gjelina, one of our favorite restaurants.

We spent a couple of hours with her, and she showed us around her colorful, eclectic town on the Sundry x Linus bike. Good times with great people.

We got to talking about vacations, childhood, family, aspirations and other topics, as we like to do.

My favorite vacation destination is not exotic or tropical, although I’d never say no to a trip somewhere far away. My favorite place to go is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s as much about the place as it is the history. I’ve been going there since I was a baby and my parents have been going there since they were children. It’s become a tradition, one of jumping off the end of a dock into Bass River and riding the current to the other end, of tubing in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, of eating home-cooked lobster in the middle of a grassy field on a strange amalgamation of about 4 different tables to accommodate all the uncles and aunts and cousins and friends.  

I've traveled with family and I've traveled with friends. I've noticed that the best person to travel with is someone who knows how to go with the flow. As far as packing goes, I always travel with moisturizer, my pillow, a bathing suit, and a good book.  

I consider traveling and vacationing to be two completely different things. For vacation I want a beautiful beach where I can alternately jump in the ocean and then dry off in the sun. When traveling I want to go everywhere and see everything. I’ve always wanted to go to India and Italy, Bali or the south of France.  

When not on vacation I'm in a constant state of trying to find the right balance between family, friends, work, play, and myself.  

Venice then, and what I do here now...
I was born and raised here in Venice. When I was growing up here it was very different from the tourist destination it is now. I would wake up two to three times a week to the thump and whir of helicopter rotor blades cutting through the night sky. Other nights I woke up to gunshots. On weekends my sisters and I would collect change from the couch, our parents pockets, and anywhere else we could find it and skateboard down to the “candy store” which was actually a liquor store that stocked the usual convenient store candy. In those days the streets felt wider and sunbaked, and the faded beach bungalows sat in yards of dried grass with chain link fences. Right before the gentrification hit a dizzying pace I moved up to northern California to attend college. I lived in a tiny town called Arcata in Humboldt County. I took classes on animal behavior and sustainable agriculture and in my free time I would vintage shop at the local thrift stores and alter the pieces that I would find, or drive out to the rivers in the nearby mountains.  

My mom recently told me that when I was little she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I responded in my husky voice, “I want a stage.” She remembers this because it was such a shock, I was not one of those kids who performed. I do a lot of things, but the thing I love most is acting.  

I grew up between my mom’s bakery and my dad's art gallery. I think that's played a big role in shaping my interests. I love skills that involve using your hands like cooking, sewing, making jewelry, playing guitar (which I’m learning), and I also have an appreciation for aesthetic and more conceptual endeavors like writing and acting. 

I am one of five kids, I have an older brother and three sisters, and my mother is one of ten and my dad is one of three so family plays a huge role in my life  Without them I would be lost. 

I took a test once called the Myers-Briggs personality test.   It said I am slightly more extraverted than introverted, slightly more intuitive than observant, more thinking than feeling, more prospecting than judging, and more turbulent than assertive. But then I took it on another day and it said something different so who knows?

My favorite restaurants are all here in Venice. Gjelina is, of course, my favorite restaurant. I also love Tasting Kitchen. One of my all-time favorite places closed recently it was called Axe. I know, they’re all on Abbot Kinney, what can I say? Otherwise I like to go to pot-lucks, BBQ's and bonfires on the beach.

When it comes to fashion I tend to gravitate towards classic pieces that I can wear forever. I'd put comfort before style, although I do love a beautiful vintage dress or really special one-of-a-kind piece.  

Sundry is the ideal balance between classic and beachy. 

There are a million things I’d love to accomplish in my life. Mostly, I’d like to feel like I tried. I’m always reminding myself to dream bigger. Dreams should be vast and weightless. 

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