Lookbook Shoot: The Art House

#INSIDESUNDRY, #L'ARTHanna Lieberman

Imagine being in an old Hollywood house filled with beautiful art, photography, wildly eclectic furniture, collectibles found at thrift stores and markets, books and magazines from the most modern art and fashion publications to vintage ’60s Playboys, and a large yard with a classic fountain and view over the canyons. 

This was where we shot our Fall 2015 Lookbook, "The Art House.” 

The location is an overload of the senses, visually stunning. Every wall is draped with art and photographs; each corner has something demanding a closer look.

Chairs are placed to enjoy the details - coffee tables loaded with art books, vintage publications, elegant bric-a-brac, and couches draped with beautiful, bold fabrics. This house is a testament to incredible taste - curated as if with a nonchalance, yet altogether a considerable beauty. 

Clement Jolin, a childhood friend of Matt's, was the photographer. He'd just flown in from London, where he lives. A busy guy, he travels throughout the world a lot, on all kinds of assignments for great magazines and clients. We’re lucky he was available to shoot for us. Our model was the charming Kate Amundsen, who made all of the Fall collection look beautiful.


As there were so many locations around the house for shooting, we wanted to capitalize and use a lot of them, so we had to move quickly. As you can see from the pics, Clement was shooting outside, inside, through windows, into mirrors, from ladders, and even with a hand held flash in the garden as the light dropped over the hills.

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