How to pack for the Labor Day Weekend

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Heading out for a last-minute trip this upcoming long weekend? Last-minute getaways are exciting but how do you prepare when there's only a moment’s notice? We've been through that struggle as impromptu trip enthusiasts! That's why we came up with an essentials list for a getaway (Labor Day intended). Cover these 4 points and you'll be prepared for any trip!


Day to Day Whether you’re headed to the city for the weekend or going on a tropical getaway chances are you'll spend your days out and about (that is of course if you don't find yourself laying poolside or by the beach, but we'll get to that later). Comfort is key, with style coming in a close second, pairing a redefined tee like this or classic stripes with a twist like this pair perfectly with your favorite high waisted jeans. Don't be afraid to keep it simple. Accessories like this can add a certain French chic to a simple look. Casual and cute is the look of the day. Checklist: Classic top Favorite Jeans Slides

Athleisure With spur-of-the-moment getaways come unexpected adventures. Say yes to spontaneous activities without being caught off guard. Hiking to a secluded waterfall or going for a bike ride along the pier? Essentials always include a classic tee and the most comfortable leggings around. Always make sure to pack a tee or two like this or this and bottoms that can handle any activity like this and this. Another plus is they can double as travel attire or sleepwear! Checklist: Comfy Tee Leggings Active Shoes

Beachy Days A vacation’s not complete if you don’t spend it kicking back and soaking up the sun, so it’s best to be prepared. Alongside your sunscreen and other necessities, should always be a bathing suit (a getaway must!).  A sarong like this is perfect for quick coverups or an oversized dress like this can take you from one place to the next. At the beach, the evening comes around sometimes sooner than we like and the ocean breeze will come with it. Having a pullover and sweatpant like this and this will ensure you don't have to end the night early. Checklist: Swimsuit Coverup Cozy Attire

An Evening Out End the day at your finest. Packing one piece that can take you from beach to dinner will cover the last of your needs. We never leave home without a LBD or something of the like. Scrunched for ideas? Check out these dresses here and hereChecklist: Dress Dainty Heel

The best thing about keeping these four points in mind is if you’re savvy enough with your pieces they can cover more than one point. Meaning you won't have to check a bag for this getaway. P.S. if you’re looking for more ideas make sure to check out our newest arrivals here!

Now just choose the destination...

Bon Voyage!