Vintage Cars + Art


The mock-up used to create Kevin Butler's final illustration.

A classic car lover and avid art collector, Matt Leblan (the creative mind behind Sundry) commissioned two of his favorite LA-based artists to create some auto-oriented artwork for his collection. We found the final pieces so delightful, we thought you might enjoy them too.

First, Matt asked Andrew Bush, a photographer known for his portraits of drivers on LA freeways,  to shadow him and his close friends during a road trip along the California coast. Bush captured these unique photos by mounting equipment on the passenger side of his car, and shooting his subjects framed by their cars and surrounding landscape. 

Matt then used these photos as inspiration for another piece of artwork, this time by Kevin Butler. The LA-based artist is recognized for his playful, beach-y drawings of classic cars topped with surfboards. 

Matt superimposed his favorite Andrew Bush photo over a Kevin Butler illustration (pictured at top). Using Matt’s mock-up, Butler created a custom illustration of Matt’s ’68 Mercedes 250SL. Both works are now beloved pieces of Matt’s art collection:

Matt and Joanne driving along the California coast. Photo by Andrew Bush.


The final illustration of Matt's Mercedes (with surfboard) by Kevin Butler.

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