Thanksgiving Packing, Solved

#TRAVELHanna Lieberman

The best of Thanksgiving: Pumpkin pie, laughing with the family, sleeping in late. The worst of Thanksgiving: long lines at the airport, holiday-shopping mayhem, fighting with said family. We know the holidays can be both wonderful and stressful. That's why we're thinking ahead for you. Keep reading for the perfect long-weekend packing list.

Wednesday Night: Red eye flight back home. We recommend the Stripe Rib Turtleneck Tee and Side Stripe Tapered Sweatpant for ultimate in-flight coziness.

Thursday: Quality time with the family. The Lean On Me Boy Tee is perfectly comfy and cute for lounging around and assisting in meal-prep.

Thursday Night: Slip into the Stripe Rib Midi Dress for dinner: chic, sleek, and lots of stretch.

Friday: Emerge from your food coma and hit the stores for some holiday shopping. The La Parisienne Long Sleeve is perfect for layering and cozy enough for all-day wear.

Saturday: Throw on the Striped Pocket Long Sleeve for a day of kicking back and enjoying those leftovers while they last.

Sunday: Keep calm and head to the airport. The Striped Side Zip Tunic will keep you warm on the long flight back. 

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