Sundry Friends: Clement Jolin

Sundry Friends: Clement Jolin

There is an art to being a great photographer. It's about a viewpoint, an opinion. Many people  can shoot a photo, but to have a camera, and shoot a photo with an individual style, to give the captured moment a particular look, a recognizable trait, that is an art.

Sundry has a friend we consider such an artist, a photographer with a great style. He's also a childhood friend of Matt's (Matt LeBlan, Founder and Creative Director of Sundry), both having grown up in Aix en Provence in the South of France.

Clement has beautifully shot 3 of our look books so far, and his work has always been stellar.

We thought we'd like to introduce him a little more to you, on the cusp of launching our Fall 15 Look Book, "The Art House", which he shot for us earlier in February.

We were fortunate enough to catch a moment with him in London, and he told us a little more about how he happens to hold a camera in his hands...

SUNDRY: A Loren Denis Film


We float, we hold, we laugh, we kiss.

Our dear friend Loren Denis wrote and directed a short film for us, celebrating love and Sundry.

Thanks Loren, we love it, and we love you.

See more of Loren's work at

And a  big thanks to:
Janicke Askevold and Anthony Vibert (Talents) 
Alexandre D'audiffret (DOP)
Avia (Sound and Music)
Dimitri Chamblas (Producer) 
Julien Amiard (Post Producer @Firmstudio)
Maxime Pozzi Garcia (Editing)
Anne Szymkowiak (Color grading)

Sundry Friends: Greg Blanc of Gjusta

Sundry Friends: Greg Blanc of Gjusta

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread, surrounding you in the morning. It’s a smell instilled in our memory from when we were young (I don't know why), but its a smell that is comforting, warming, foundational.

We recently spent a morning with our friend Greg Blanc, the General Manager and head of the baking department of Gjusta. He works on getting the freshest bread and product to the Gjelina group of restaurants, and most of Venice, Santa Monica and anyone that really loves the best quality bread.

Sundry + Linus Bike

Sundry + Linus Bike

When we opened our pop-up store in Venice, California, we were thrilled to be neighbors with Linus Bike. We can remember when Linus first opened their store on Abbot Kinney. Their bikes looked so fresh, and had a very different vibe from all the other bikes around - more sophisticated, more classic, yet with a modernity most of our community responded to immediately, judging by the amount of them that were soon on the street. They were owned by all the cool kids quickly, and suddenly there were a lot of them parked outside local restaurants and parties.

Linus bikes are now an integral part of the landscape of Venice, and in fact of many of the urban bike capitals of the world. We were lucky enough to do an art bike collaboration with them and we're excited to introduce the Sundry x Linus bike. Based on their Dutchi model, it has very special paintwork in our Sundry tri-colors, blocked onto the frame, and of course has all the qualities we love about Linus bikes.